Thursday, June 9, 2016

Write into the Right Mind

Do you feel a bit weary today with clouds storming in your brain?   Break from today's inner tsunami with word play.

Write responses as fast as you can.

l.      One sound like - groak or  kachung
2.     Use a different name for a color - like persimmon
3.     A memory of. . .
4.     A city name that's unusual
5.     A flower
6.     Song title
7.     Tell a secret
8.     Add a taste
9.     An animal's scent
10.   Material texture - like corduroy

Read what you have written.  Write the notions one after the other. Take another quick glance. Close your eyes and count to ten.  Then turn your sheet over and freewrite for a page.

You feel better . . . write?

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