Monday, November 20, 2017

Play with Questions

Play with questions rather than search for answers.

Which part of my mind will lead?

Should I ascend or descend?

Will I plunge deeper down all the way to the bottom of a situation or zip higher up?

How about a flight into the wide open spaces?

What if I embrace a journey into the wild frontier where none of typical rules hold true?

There is no rush to decide

Dwell in uncertainty for awhile.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Thrill of Discovery

During childhood, I marveled at birds in flight. With a sheet above my head, I jumped from a tree surprised at landing so soon. The intrigue of creatures that wriggled under rocks held my attention.

Tadpoles grew legs in our pond. Their bodies bulged into bug-eyed frogs.

At night I opened watches and dismantled radios.  I had an idea about how to unroll the top of a soda can. Then the pop top arrived.  My curiosity grew and knew no bounds.

Do you recall flying a paper airplane or floating a handmade boat?

Could you disassemble a clock or radio to see how it worked?

Think of ways you planned something outrageous or courageous.  

Go back in time and regain the thrill of a discovery.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Play With Your Powers

In Celtic literature, an individual arrives on earth through three forces: the connection of mother and father, an ancestor's wish to be reborn, and the involvement of a spiritual power.

Choose one of your ancestors to live again. How will they slide into your persona?

Which spiritual force could develop your mind and body?

Choose an animal, plant, or bird to provide magical insights.

Which of your potential powers will you develop?

Energize ideas and stories around the above.

Let your imagination flap around.

Play with your Powers.