Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Awaken Attention

"I wake to sleep and take my waking slow."  - Rilke

Awaken to pay attention in slow motion.  
          Paint the day with the precision of perception. 
                     Propagate ideas and punctuate notions with possibilities.

Stride into a lyrical life.  
     Stimulate the raucous brain.  
         Shake creativity from its cage.

Slow the chatter or raise a voice in rebellion. Both will revolutionize.

Excite the mind's music. Mono-colored days request the musicality of words.

In what ways is intuition nurtured? Does it rattle in the background of experience, knowledge and synaptic connections?

Is heightened perception aroused at times where sensory imagery leads to discovery?

Will a flash in the corner of the eye flame into an idea or concept?

What unlocks mysteries and reaches for connections?

A high level of curiosity pushes with every sense to uncover flickers, fragrance, and fun.

Awareness draws to movement hiding in stillness. 

Objects release beyond what they appear.

Stimulate your perception. 

Awaken attention.

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