Saturday, June 25, 2016

Stories of Good Intentions

We need stories that nourish like healthy food, clear air, pure water, and authentic love.

Stories of possibility encourage rather than bombard like the harangue of news narratives that show misery and woe.

Heroes in fairy tales need to explode upon the scene.

Beyond their magical gifts of invisibility, winged shoes, or a pot that brews a healing potent, these stores tickle imagination with possibilities.

Champions of these stories rarely receive their boons out of luck. They have performed kind deeds or unselfish acts to earn the right to be blessed.

How will the hummingbird save the forest creatures from fire? Beak-by-beak he takes dew from roses. The sparrow brings his flock to assist.

Search for stories that reward good intentions.

Make them up.

Beelieve in nature's nurture.

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