Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Discomfort into Discovery

Emotions rise, crest and splash. With a series of waves, we learn ways to wash away dismay. Distress and discomfort disconnect to delight. 

Naivete flows out; in rushes wisdom. Out gushes anger. 

Discernment breaks. Out goes despair. Kindness races in. 

With buoyancy treasures arise from the deep. 

Writing with each wave we learn to embrace the rhythm of emotions. 

They flow in a natural and expansive sea of words. 

If we observe and translate the currents, each emotion leaves us healthier than it found us. We move from discomfort into discovery.  Writing releases the tension.

Write about emotional ebbs and flows.  How do you ride the waves? Develop a metaphor to explain your excursions through emotions.

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