Friday, June 24, 2016

Take an Alphabet Break

Feel stress and need a break from the ordinary?  See what happens when you verbalize the alphabet.

Take a walk. Begin with A and speak a noun. Author. Then go to B. Ballet.  C might become Cabbage. Keep moving through the alphabet with only nouns all the way to Z.  

Then use verbs. Start with Action. Go to Bat.  Crouch. Dive. Elevate. Fabricate. Generate. Hallucinate!

Then try it from Z to A.  

Avoid thinking too much as you choose the next word. Let the synapses fire in glee. 

After the verbal attempt. Do the same in writing by combining nouns and verbs. Don't stop, just write any word for the next letter.  Have fun, play and laugh.

Here's a start:

Afternoons the Babble of Creatures Directs Effervescence. Forests Garner  Harvests that Invest in Jelly.  Kindness Levitates Monkeys who Negotiate an Opinion of Pelicans in a Quandry.

Residents Select Turtles of Understanding. Victory Waddles on Xylophones to a Yellow in Zeith.

When you try this exercise, distraction along with concentration will help. You'll feel renewed and ready for your next challenge of the day.

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