Friday, June 10, 2016

A Blooper Day

What if we set aside a day each year to celebrate our goofs, bloopers, and failures? During this disconnected holiday, we do not feel embarrassed about the false moves we've made.  

On this day, we do not decry poor judgment. We applaud our delusional behavior and false starts.

When we forgive ourselves of our situations, we work to understand and feel compassion for the motivations that led us astray. It helps us relate to others' debacles and demons.

Redemptive value exists in our judgment lapses. Often these situations have saved us from a worse experience. Getting what we did not want shifts focus.

Confess and brag to yourself as you observe this day of dislocation.  Discover the humor and feel gratitude for the guidance the Blooper Day provides.

Notice what happens after your acceptance.   Move on.

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