Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dig into Yourself

"Go into yourself and see how deep 
the place is from which your life flows."  
- Rainer Maria Rilke

Your fingers that nudge keys
Use them rather than a shovel

Dip. Dig. Dive into the sand
The sea will swirl the hole 

Excavate into the depths

Let warm sand and liquid 
swish to massage fingers
Delve to discover a curiosity
that has remained hidden
It may scurry up to you

A nautilus shell empty of occupant
will reveal its silky texture

Empty means best
Ready? Get fill-eager

Let the salt water wash in
Probe your gifts forgotten
Notice the ways
memory arrives

Fears. Joys. Sorrows
Desires trickle

Into the layered years

If the tide hurries to shore
to inundate the empty space

Select your found treasures 
Bring them home.

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