Thursday, June 1, 2017

Minding Our Nature

"Remember: if you can cease all restless activity, your integral nature will appear." - Hua Hu Ching
Our minds play like puppies. They wrestle with thoughts and ramble with emotions all day. Memories and future notions take up most of our mental time. How do we end the frustration of this mental progression and regain focus?

One way involves going outside and tuning into nature.
Try these techniques.

Stop and find the present moment. Mentally follow a yellow daisy petal to the ground and then another. Notice scents and how a breeze moves the blossom. Feel the texture of petals. Observe insects and their attraction. Follow a bee in action.
Turn the focus to discover your own awareness. Choose a body part and observe temperature or a tickle. What would you call it?  

If you chose fingers, wriggle them. Does the sensation alter?  Roll a piece of your clothing between two fingers. How does it feel?  Stay with it.
During that time you did not worry about past or future. You engaged your attention and curiosity.
Find details in nature to notice when frustrated. Observe movement in clouds and leaves.
Choose a word that empowers you. Add two more. Use them as a mantra.

Staying in the moment helps us maintain ourselves in a world we cannot control.

Mind your nature.

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