Sunday, May 28, 2017

Determination of 29 Steps

Near the end of my running route, 29 stairs loom. I can decide to smell the flowers and climb them once. Or, depending on mind and body, repeats beckon.  

Up the stairs two at a time for longer strides, then a recovery down the hill to climb again.  

On high energy days it's all right to run the row and go.  When I'm sluggish or my mind twirls in unfriendly conversation, I go for five repeats at least.

It might take ten to jiggle the juices.

The 29 ahead alter thoughts and energy level; that's their job.

With writing and life, the same policy applies. One more line, or word must end a day's practice. I'll give it another go in search of phrasing in a poem or essay. 

Several tries solve a life challenge. 

The 29 steps call me to scurry onward.

In both situations, I will feel the confidence and motivation of inspiration combined with perspiration.

Which aspect of your life requires the determination of 29 steps? 

Write yourself through the ennui, confusion, or frustration. Don't stop before you feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Energize your heart.

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