Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Take a Break

Take a break to play with words.

Choose three letters of the alphabet to begin the process. They do not have to form a sentence or make sense. Go for two lines of nouns and verbs; four to a line or more.  

Go as fast as you can. Don't pay attention to the order. Let one word follow another without stopping.  

Just tickle the brain's synapses.  Avoid of, and, adjectives, and adverbs.

If you get stuck, stop and start with another letter. Using letters in sequence helps.

Find a pen that flows. A fountain pen with colored ink will lead you in mysterious ways.

Search for a rhythm rather than a reason for the flow of words.

Nature nurtures notions nutrients.
Nativity noodled needs nothing.

Manes manage motioned mantles.
Moisture manacled mischief's meanderings.

Octopus optimism opinionated October.
Occupation occluded oxygen occasion.

Prosperity proposes pilgrims petals.
Petunia play progressed potential.

After your three letter series, take a break. Walk in the garden or down the street.  Breathe in and out.

Return to your page and let the next words have their way with you in paragraph form.

What did you discover?

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