Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Send Snail Mail

Email, twitter, and social media sites create quick communication in technological words. Often one must decipher the new "tech speak" and learn the codes of SMH,  RT or TMB. Everyone's familiar with LOL. Who recalls SWAK?  Even the medical profession uses shorthand with ADD, AERD and COPD.    Will these letter combinations evolve into their own art form?

Known as the epistolary style, letter writing appeals in literature as an art. The financial fragility of the United States Postal Service will force the art of letter writing the way of the buggy whip, butter churn, and 45 record. 

Before snail mail becomes squashed on the pavement, spend time on a letter writing journey.  Write a letter to a relative who has passed, an historical figure, or to your future self.  Just for fun, stamp and mail them to yourself and then write back from the other point of view.  Also mail the responses. 

If you have a friend or relative who would like to exchange correspondence, set up a series of exchanges. In your letter, write your concerns of the moment, emotions, details of the weather and the environment.  

Use sensory imagery with colors, sounds, scents and textures.

Get beyond electronics before it's too late. Send snail mail.

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