Saturday, May 27, 2017

Power to Positivity

How do we maintain balance in a world that presses us with what’s broken, what’s dreadful, and what’s wrong?
It takes patience and perseverance to sort out the news and waltz beyond worry.
Take time to skip looking at the catastrophe network or reading headlines for a day.
6f77a-heartsvelvetPush away from the computer. Leave your cell phone. Find hearts in shadows.

Go out in the morning and Sing!
Immerse yourself in nature.
Take a walk and replace negative thoughts and frustrations with the scents and colors that pass along the way.
Ask questions. What does a peregrine or bee do when faced with an obstacle?
Listen for different sounds.

Observe shapes and textures.

Imagine clouds with anxiety. Will the release of rain help?
Marvel at the ways the sea rants in ripples.
Distractions move the mind back to the present moment.
Rocks let the sea and sky pass over, under, around, and through.

Let nature’s wisdom seep into your thoughts and actions.
See smiles in petals.
Breathe in the majesty.
Find Power in Positivity.

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