Monday, May 22, 2017

Hummingbird's Triumph

The sky, sea and land quarreled over colors to represent them. The sky claimed blue, but the sea roared in disagreement.

Land demanded multicolors: greens, yellows and browns. That decision angered both the sky and sea.

Then sky shouted also about needing ambers, crimsons and gold for sunsets.

They quibbled daily. Only darkness ended the fighting. With the next dawn, the arguments surged anew.

One day the hummingbird interceded,"Why not collaborate and exchange colors throughout the day," she said.

To encourage their alternation of colors, her clan of hummingbirds wove a variety of darks and lights into a collage to present for their view.

They also invited dragonflies, bees, and colorful insects to add hues.

Members of the animal and plant kingdom collaborated to convince land, sea and sky to work together and share an intermingling  of color.

When land, sea and sky 
agreed to trade and mix, tranquility colored the day. 

The hummingbird watched, then danced in triumph.

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