Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Visual Art and Poetry

Do not copy nature too much. Art is an abstraction. - Paul Gauguin

For successful communication, poetry and visual art seek a difference in the nuances of abstraction and concrete imagery.

Poetry that focuses on concepts like love, joy and fear requires imagery to communicate the details. What do these emotions look, feel and sound like? Writers reveal ways scent and taste add to expression. The sound of sadness has color and texture. As a result, word sad does not need to appear in the writing.

When shown details, the reader will enter the poem with experience, make connections, and understand what the poet means.

In visual art, the break from the realism of nature nurtures the viewer's ability to create along with the artist and move the mind to new perspectives. Nature assists by revealing shapes that tickle the imagination. In the first photograph, a seal or whale's tail offer potential. Petals shape an elephant above.

Describe an emotion with imagery. Use abstraction in art. Draw or paint the emotion to express it in a visual way.  

Write about the experiences of creating concrete poetry and abstract art.

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