Sunday, January 15, 2017

Child's Mind

Do you recall your childhood association with words? Did you create names for animals and plants? Did you tell stories?

Where’s your child’s mind today? Do you still have a loving relationship with words? 

Frederick Smock, a teacher of creative writing, learns daily from his students to think with a child's mind. One student astonished him with her words when she wrote from the point of view of a coconut. “I never have to go on vacation because I carry the waves inside of me.”

Open yourself to possibilities to let your words scurry around corners and under bushes. 

Look at the sky to capture connections. 

Consider all your areas of knowledge: animals, insects, gardening, travel, economics, and relationships.

Communicate the awareness that makes your days and nights glitter. Let your words flee and flourish. 

Delight in metaphors to tell your stories.

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