Monday, January 23, 2017

Messages and Myths

The Bini people of West Africa tell a story about a time when the sky came down so close everyone could reach up and touch it with their hands.  The sky provided food and nobody worked in those days. Everyone just had to stretch their hands when hungry and break off a piece of the sky.

The sky demanded that individuals should only take whatever they needed for one meal, no more.  No one could store food.  Everybody obeyed this rule except for one greedy man who broke off a large piece.  Unable to finish this piece, he tried to store it but the food rotted.

The sky became so angry about this waste it shot up so far away where no one could reach it.  Since then people have had to work to get food.

Recall the first story with a moral or message told to you during childhood.  Why does this message stick with you?

Does your family tell a story based on a family happening that has become a myth everyone tells in a variety of versions?

If you cannot recall a story or are unaware of a family myth, create one today.

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