Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Better than Beautiful

Writers learn to become observant omnivores. We take in stimuli with a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, scents, tastes and textures. Words arise from taste buds and fingertips that Braille the edges of life. Colors abound. In this way, ideas percolate and incubate, awaiting a time to slip into the next word brew.

Avoid the use of adjectives to describe anything. If you wish to gain the reader's attention, show beautiful. Why and how is something beautiful? Reveal it in detail like a photographer or painter.

See into a sunset for beautiful and express its qualities. Search for metaphors and similes. 

Do a rose's ridges appear like fans or curtains and then what? Where is the scent? Does the sound of dew hitting the rose ping or pop or snuggle amidst the petals?  Does a smile appear?

Sense of focus and specificity intrigue. Express the opposite of beauty also to enrich the experience. 

Create an image that reveals a judgment. 

Would you include weeds that blossom and stretch themselves beyond the concrete?

Notice where metaphorical thinking connects to a secret not yet explored.

Trace the edges and boundaries. Delve into the center.

Unfold, release, relent to your imagination.

Reveal your concept of beauty and communicate it to the reader.

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