Thursday, January 19, 2017

Leave One Task Undone

There will always be an infinity of things to do. We can never out life our business or our kitchen running exactly the way we want it to run. No matter how we envision it, it can't be that way.  Life is not predetermined to the pint that we can get to some stage and then see how it all works. What happens is that we have a better and better understanding of things, we have more and more clarity and ability to deal with things as they arise. But they keep arising, endlessly. The empty sky is always creating new clouds. The pot is always boiling.  - Kasha Uchiyama

My parents had different opinions about clutter. Mother liked her drawers and closets tidy with everything in its place. They would meet a military inspection. Before breakfast on school days, my father pounced through my room asking me to put away everything that collected on surfaces or the floor. I raced around stuffing the clutter into drawers and closets.

Over the years, I have adapted both techniques although I do like outside areas to reveal a neat appearance first. Stuffing at the last minute brings memories of my father's suggestions. My drawers do not have the neat rows that Mother promoted.

Preparing for an upcoming trip, I launch into my organization skill set; write sticky notes, begin laundry, add items to the suitcase. My mind whirls to get ready. Wandering around the house to gather order, a desire to organize down to details takes over.

Soon, playfulness and laughter come to my rescue as I decide which task to leave undone. Mission accomplished. Then I add another. Neither parent would feel proud.

As our drive to the airport shuttles us through traffic my mind wheels to thoughts of  items I might have forgotten to pack?

Time to take a few breaths and relax into my turtle mentality.  I have all I need.

Consider ways to approach Uchiyama's words of wisdom. Can you leave something incomplete or a task left undone?

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