Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Marvel of Ideas

"Look around you: Pause, for a moment. Just look around your room . . . Someone had to imagine away. The things in the room and all the other things in a building, in this city, exist because, over and over, people imagined things. They daydreamed, they pondered, they made things that didn't quite work, they described things that didn't yet exist to people who laughed at them.  And in time they succeeded." - Neil Gaiman

During airplane travel, my eyes wander to the sequence of clouds. Flying in a massive tube I feel the awe of ways individuals invested their time and careers in the creativity necessary to propel this container of lives. 

After hours spent collecting and collating ideas for a positive outcome, trust arrived to promote the dream.

I feel gratitude for the two pilots in the cockpit. While flight attendants move in a choreography of service, passengers' calm permeates the cabin. 

Below a world turns in flux and discord. 

When information and politics overwhelm, think about the ideas that have propelled us to develop our creativity in products and communication.

Discover the power in doing productive work to benefit the human race.

Imagine. Daydream. Ponder.

Let the marvel of ideas amaze. 

How will you add to the advancement of ideas?

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