Friday, January 27, 2017

Life's Purpose

We violate probability, by our nature
The gift of life
Randomness united for a brief while
Then our borrowings dissipate back into the primordial soup.
The question is why
For what purpose?
The purpose that lives down deep, in our unconscious?
To express our uniqueness?
To manifest our interior beauty?
Or to catch electrons at the moment of their excitement
By solar photons?

                          - Rod MacIver

Consider the durability and tenacity of your ancestors. Many braved wars, plagues, famines, and accidents to assure your survival.

Recall relatives who had an impact. Search farther back in time for insights.

Discover a combination of ancestral traits that contributed to your unique identity.

Probe the history of your gift of life.

How do you promote Life's purpose ?

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