Thursday, December 29, 2016

Windows and Light Trails

Consider a window: it is just
a hole in the wall, but because of it
the whole room is filled with light.
Thus when the mind is open
and free of its own thoughts,
life unfolds effortlessly,
and the whole world is filled with light.  
    The Second Book of the Tao by Stephen Mitchell

The Great White Egret with its posture in the water provides a window of openness. Illusions surround the bird. Its reflection provides a quality beyond grasp. A mystery of light trails appear in its presence as water ripples away and back again.

Another fellow stands on the bank feathered in gray with a silly expression. Called a shoe bill, he wriggles and makes unbirdlike sounds bouncing on one leg, then the other.

Light penetrates and leads if we permit it.  Even those without wings will fly.

What light travels for you today?  

Discover stories or poems that lurk in unlikely connections.

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