Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Winter Write

What's the fear of winter beyond the bite of cold air?   While we wait for spring, nature reveals the landscape in an array of bare bones.  Auxins have drained into sycamores' roots and squirrels scamper to store their cache of nuts. 

Everything moves into its simple form as a gesture for us to follow.

Search for your skeletal soul where ideas percolate and words wrap in layers. Creation continues in the exhalation of trees sculptured by the season's challenges. Creativity thrives in the spaces among the skeleton of branches.

How the words of winter entice with their requests for ways to adorn the emptiness.  This begins the search for mysteries in your own enrichment and growth that will blossom by spring.

Revel in this time before the season's change into spring.  It provides an opportunity to consider the basics. The slower pace stimulates a search inward.

Call on your winter courage. Get to the basics of your writing as art. Use a winter theme to explore what weighs you down. What will it feel like to remove the excess and rest in silence?  

Write about the skeletal beginnings of your art.

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