Monday, December 5, 2016

Bubble for Ideas

A stack of bricks, a work shirt billowing on the line: 
epics in the making. Each set of doubts a garden                                            
     - Lance Larsen from the poem, "Chancellor of Shadows"

How do you innovate to solve problems? 

In what ways do you generate ideas for your prose or poetry? At times inspiration may appear mysterious. Connection, collection, and collation promote idea development.

Consider the stimuli received each day. Take time to use all your senses as antennas to locate and pick up bits of conversations, body language, scenes unfolding and myriad opportunities for further investigation. 

Think of ways you could use these ideas to solve other issues you face during the day.

Keep a small notebook handy or use a recording device so ideas will land in a safe place. Later you can return to see how they dovetail or grow additional wings.

Become a collector of life's mysteries and events that unfold around you. Stephane Mallarme said, "Poems are not made of ideas, they are made of words. An idea, a possibility, may be in my head - or in the world - for hours or years, with nothing coming of it. Then one day, maybe taking a shower or a walk or driving, into my mind or mouth come a few words in a certain order, or maybe not even words, maybe a shape of grammar, sentence-sound: And then a poem begins, I hope."

Keep your antennae focusing on an idea hunt. No matter where you find yourself you can attract notions. Take an hour to visit a park, coffee shop or other place where many people gather. 

Watch body language, sounds and add scents and tastes. Observe the seasons and their subtleties. Notice the animals that populate your days.

Return to a problem or situation that perplexes. Think of three ways to solve it with humor or playfulness.

Look up and observe details others miss. If you begin this observation, a habit will form and you'll always attract bubbles of ideas. 

Let your ideas-in-training percolate. They will arise when you least expect them.  You will transform them when most needed. 

How will you bubble for ideas today?

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