Friday, December 16, 2016

POWer Play

All power is from within and therefore under our control." - Robert Collier

Why is it so difficult to grasp that we own our Power?  When we live from the inside out, we can conquer the most important challenge of the day - ourselves.
Someone will say something that just irritates and makes sparks fly. When we let their notions linger, roll and rattle around in our skulls, our power fades. 
First . . . Get over it. Observe their opinion and let it fly away.  Hold onto your POWer.
Then. Catch negative thinkers off guard with your own POWer plays. This will assist you to excel past your power outages.

A way to avoid power stealing involves coming up with at least three to five responses that toss creative curves. When someone taunts, respond with words that will cause them to rethink and set them off balance to a new perspective. Keep it Positive and useful.  

Diversion always works. So does humor. Point to the sky and reveal a cloud at play. Or, "Did you see what type of bird just flew by?"

When a frown greets you with unkind words, respond, "Love that smile." Not many can avoid smiling in response.  

You can comment, "Have a great day if you want to."

POWer past the frustrations of others' responses and increase your power plays.

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