Friday, December 30, 2016

Fun for the Weary Mind

Remember the Night Rainbow

If tomorrow morning the sky falls
have clouds for breakfast
If night falls 
Use stars for streetlights
If the moon gets stuck in a tree
Cover the hole in the sky with a strawberry
If you have butterflies in your stomach
Ask them into your heart
If your heart catches in your throat
Ask a bird how she sings
If the birds forget their songs
Listen to a pebble instead
If you lose a memory
Embroider a new one to take its place
If you lose the key
Throw away the house
If the clock stops
Use your own hands to tell time
If the light goes out
Wear it around your neck and go dancing
If the bus doesn't come
Catch a fast cloud
If it's the last dance
dance backwards
If you find your socks don't match 
Stand in a flowerbed
If your shoes don't fit 
Give them to the fish in the pond
If your horse needs shoes
Let him use his wings
If the sun never shines again
Hold fireflies in your hands to keep warm
If you are afraid of the dark
Remember the night rainbow
If there is no happy ending 
make one out of cookie dough 
- Cooper Edens

Cooper Edens provides advice for those weary from holiday activity.

Consider his fanciful solutions and play with your own.

During the day when troubles arrive, surprise them by a turn downside up.  

If your mind misbehaves, invite it to dance.

When worries tangle in your brain, write them in your mental sand and let the next wave delete all.

If you feel sad, follow a bee's attention span.

When anger nags, tickle its tummy.

Make fears into chocolate cupcakes and celebrate. Don't forget the topping.

If you feel a regret or resentment challenge them to a foot race. You will win every time.

When you play and create, the intensity of energy and positivity increases.

Plan now for a Run of Fun in 2017.

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