Sunday, December 4, 2016

Look UP

The elephants in my mind have left their flannel pajamas on too long this morning.  I have to question what's going on. How will one elephant break from the herd and discover the savanah of blue for its romping pleasure?

Scents of a new day begin with the mockingbird's hip hop song. They fling me into moments in movement. Morning neck aches caused  by a hard pillow or disrupted sleep, dissolve. I fill my lungs and begin my journey.

It's all right to begin in cranky because I know the breeze on my arms and energy bounding from each stride will bring a new consciousness.  Mystery will discover me around the next turn in the sidewalk.  I push to understand the issues my body suggests and surge ahead to break beyond the frustration.

I help a worm to a grass area and avoid stepping on a bee. A Black Phoebe will not wait for a close up photo. Faces of car drivers way above the speed limit or distracted by cell phones concern me.  Maybe my smile will brighten their day before they run into me because of their lack of focus?

Beyond the morning's congestion, I fly free, accumulating words as I go.

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