Saturday, December 10, 2016

Use Stillness this Season

"Like the center of a spinning top or the eye of a hurricane, our inner center is always calm." - Yogi Mir

Imagine a hummingbird as a statue on a branch with its flurry of activity at rest. 

'Tis the season to feel the rush of chaos everywhere. The frenzy for many appears
endless. How would it feel to quiet your day?

Take time to sit and find your center. Breathe in six breaths, then breathe out six. Continue until you can extend your exhalation to ten.

Consider this time of silence when you slow the breath, feel stillness and relax. Sounds may arise around you but they represent energy when you put yourself into a focused state.

Notice that the space around you opens. Nothing will overwhelm you when you pay attention to the rhythm of your breath.  Give this feeling of rest a name as you search for balance.  Use the name and revisit its calming effect from time to time each day.

Choose a name for your tranquility and sense of peacefulness. Dialogue with this new friend.

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