Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Get Ready for 2017

Place your fussy mind in a top drawer. Hear the closing click.
Hang a favorite and weighty item. You don't need a key.
Listen for the jostling and grumbling inside. Say, "STAY!"

Put on your happy shoes and saunter out the door.
Let nature intrigue with its winter delights.
Trees will have shed their leaves but evergreens prevail.

Feel grateful release from tendrils of mind.
Go into your heart to flee into sensory experiences.

Discover your neighborhood: fireplace smoke,
a lingering rose, fresh earth, a gush of wind.
Breathe a drift of lavender. Hear a phoebe or crow's call.

Wander until you have forgotten your mind.
Just take your time. No need to rush.
Energize the spirit and play.

When you return, open the drawer
to a renewal of friendship.

"The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go." - Atisa Dipa

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