Monday, December 26, 2016

The Promise of a Pencil

Adam Braun worked summers with hedge funds on Wall Street when he was sixteen years old. He moved into a successful career. Then, on a trip to India he found a boy begging on the street and asked the child what he wanted the most. The child said, "A pencil."  This changed Adam's life and he founded Pencils of Promise with $25.  His charity has built over 200 schools in many countries.  

Adam Braun's book, The Promise of a Pencil: How An Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change reveals his journey to discover his calling. 

Even on his fast-track to make millions in corporate America, Adam felt he needed to make a real impact on the world. He could have raced into a life of wealthy and ordinary yet he chose a different path. Adam chose to matter, to make a difference by founding an organization that has built over 200 schools and brings education to many who desperately need it.

In his book, Adam details the good and the bad. He tells of successes and the bumps and bruises as Pencils of Promise grew.

Each chapter reveals ways to turn ambitions into reality. 

Adam Braun's story inspires individuals to do something meaningful with their talents.

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