Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Shoes Meet the Shadow Dragon

Deep in flow during my morning run, I noticed shimmers from what seemed like a tree and leaves. They spangled the sidewalk as I rounded a corner. The crackles in pavement darkened and wind aroused a scent of pikaki, cedar and rose. I stopped, my shoes tantalized by a creature moving ahead on the pavement.

The fellow's eyes sparkled like peridots.His snout opened into a smile that breathed honeysuckle and pine.

"Where did you come from?" my shoes asked.

The dragon stretched his neck and sang, "I wander beneath these streets and wonder what goes on when I hear the pounding of sound."

"Isn't it dreary and dark down there?" one shoe said.

"Beneath the roots you discover new realms. I dive beyond the dark into tangerine and magenta swirls. Sparks of silver dissolve into the next layer. Ah, that's where the land of curiosities exists."

The second sole brightened all its eyelets, "May we visit with you?"

"Hmmm," the Shadow Dragon wriggled its mane, "I've never invited an abovegrounder. Meet me at the corner of Cheshire Street on Monday."

Follow light and dark today.  Notice what occurs in the shadows. Observe the shapes and ridges that bounce in the light.  Discover possibilities for story in the textures revealed. 

What will you encounter in the spaces between illusion and appearances?

Play in the shadows and bring them to light.

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