Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Day Say

"My talent is making connections. That's why I'm an essayist."  - Stephen Jay Gould.
"I don't dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living." - Stephen Spielberg

The word, essay, comes from the Latin verb exigere, which means to examine, test or drive out.  Mary Oliver advises to pay attention and be astonished.  Dreams add spice. Then write!

In 2009 I began to test my views each day in a morning Blog. I write as soon as I awaken when creativity sparks the moments' intensities. Today marks the 2508 entry from my gathered notions. I have only missed one day.

Encouraging writers to write and interact with me energizes my focus. 

These Day Says include ideas that fire from a variety of stimuli.

My mind plays as it flicks among ideas.
They leap to access arrangements of fun and fantasy.

Magenta to tangerine to cream.

Creatures pose for word capture.

Textures of leaves and frog sounds sprout in unexpected places.

Scents collect in cedar and sunlight and attach to memories.

A collage blooms as my camera invites connections.

My mind whirs during morning runs for the next day's writing adventure. I re-arrange wording in menus and gain ideas from horoscopes.  

Overheard conversations add to the mixture.

Messages appear at odd times as words drive my day.

While reading a variety of subjects, my kaleidoscope turns.  I reflect on patterns and edges, then search for connections to examine and drive out ideas!  

A taste of caramel reminds me . . .

Senses stalk and roam in nature for details. 

Photography chooses slants and close ups that assist the process.

Like a tree in the forest, do the words fall silent?  Might they roar?

Day Say fragments often arrive the night before. They flash during dreams. By morning the text has awakened.

Collect and collate ideas for a day. Write to let them lead you on an adventure. Develop a writing practice based on weaving the threads.

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