Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Go Buoyant and Inventive

If the daily grind gets you down, find a flight into freedom. Stay open and alert to opportunities. Reject trivial aspects of life that sap your energy.

Einstein talked of "combinatory play" which opens up one mental channel by dabbling in another.  He played the violin when he could not solve a mathematics puzzle. After a few sonatas, he had an answer.

Creative procrastination often works to lessens frustration. Try diversion when stumped about a problem to solve.

Consider daily routines you follow.  Do you brush your top teeth first before you shower, take the same route to work, put your right shoe on before the left?  

Become conscious of your rituals and vary them.

Break the habit for a day. Pay attention to the details and take a different view.

Invent. Innovate. Imaginate!

Let humor in to play.

Go buoyant and inventive.

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