Friday, October 14, 2016

Create with Courage

“Creative people, as I see them, are distinguished by the fact that they can live with anxiety, even though a high price may be paid in terms of insecurity, sensitivity, and defenselessness for the gift of the “divine madness,” to borrow the term used by the classical Greeks. They do not run away from non-being, but by encountering and wrestling with it, force it to produce being. They knock on silence for an answering music; they pursue meaninglessness until they can force it to mean.” -Rollo May from The Courage to Create.

Each person has the ability to create possibilities unique to the world. We energize creativity by the thrill to develop ideas and find adventures in diversion. 

Ideas might not work the first time. Keep at it. Keep going. Keep on and on.

Develop your secrets. Then let them out to fly.

If others do not understand, laugh. Get back to the keep on.

Toss out your creation and let it speak for itself.

Become Fierce and believe in YOU.

Think beyond the obvious. Never permit Perfection to get in the way.  

Stand up and applaud for excellence in productivity.

Take Time. Find the Best Training. Let your Preparation push into Resolve.

Watch how nature achieves its goal

When inspiration might not call or answer your call, persistence wins the day.

Albert Einstein claimed he was no smarter than his colleagues, but that he worked at problems far longer than anyone else.  Be an Einstein.

Push an idea into a possibility and then observe its flight into reality.

If you imagine you can do something extraordinary you are more likely to achieve it.  

Take the steps one at a time. Use Rollo May's advice to knock on silence for an answering music. Pursue meaningless until you can create it to meaning. 

Dance and laugh and let ideas percolate. Create with courage.


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