Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fire up Ferocity

Poet, David Whyte feels that even though life causes constant heartbreak, we need to keep resusitating ourselves.  "When you close down to heartbreak, you cannot hold things in affection," he says.  "The whole of creation is just waiting for you to appear and stay open."  

When Whyte says, "Everything is waiting for you," he questions why everyone needs to be "up" all the time.  It goes against nature to avoid changes. Nature follows a pattern of growth, fullness, cessation and decay.  Nothing in the world is "full on" all the time.  Why do we think we need to?

Whyte encourages a courageous conversation with oneself and then others.  We have so many loses in life,  part of the healing involves the willingness to come out and be found again.  

His metaphor for heartbreak involves the F's we do not like to face: fear, failure, and frustration.  How do we make Friends with them?  Also, we must learn what they have to offer us without pushing away.  A Ferocity in our attitude keeps us patient through the minor f's.  This involves the creative spirit in both writing and facing life's challenges. Think of the flow of nature and go with the seasons. Sunshine all the time will bore us.

In reality, the heart does not break. It does not even fray or wrinkle. It's a muscle. If we keep it energized by dietary choices, exercise along with mindfulness with each moment, it will stay healthy. It will receive and expel blood and do work as life passes through us.  

Fire up your Ferocity as you overcome life's f's.

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