Thursday, July 24, 2014

Write into Emptiness

Fully appreciate the emptiness of all. Then all minds are free, and dust evaporates in the original brilliance shining everywhere . . . Clear and without desire, the wind in the pines and the moon on the water are content in their original elements.  - Hong-Shi

Maybe when something stops, something lost in us can be heard."  
- Jack Gilbert from poem, A Ghost sings, a door opens.

Write sounds of dissonance and distress.  Stop. Write into the silence.

Follow as daylight blends into twilight. Write how darkness prevails.

Alter a memory to find what feels lost. Could you rediscover its essence?

Where do you go when the left lane ends?

Startle into an awakening and hear a becoming.

At the stops, discover your feral spirit.

Let lost develop so emptiness reveals itself. 

Write into renewal.

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