Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What if You Went Dreadful for a Day?

The Penny Dreadfuls began in the 19th century. Featuring serial stories that appeared over a number of weeks, each cost one penny. The term evolved to encompass publications that offered sensational fiction. 

Penny Dreadfuls were printed on cheap paper. The writing over-dramatized situations but drew attention of working class males. The stories became a less expensive alternative to fictional works, such as those by Charles Dickens, which cost 12 pennies.

What if you decided to spend one day writing about doing dreadful things? Where would you begin?

You could start in small ways. Run Stop signs?  Bully pedestrians in the cross walk?  Throw trash out your window?  Cut in line at your favorite coffee shop?  What would you write about your dreadfuls?

Try something that irritates a spouse, friend or relative.  Consider ways to develop your good behaviors into both devious and dreadful actions.

Could you do it?  For how long?  What does it feel like?

After consuming yourself with deviant thoughts, take a breath and a walk.

Turn your deviosities around and add delights to your days. Then, write about the feelings that accompany the change.

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