Sunday, July 27, 2014

What Bugs You?

Noise pollution bugs me.  Leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, party voices, car exhausts, and yelping dogs have increased in my neighborhood. They drown twitters of bird song. Even raucous crows cannot compete with the cacophony.

Whoever developed the leaf blower did that not realize it just sends the dust airborne and moves dirt to another location.  Eventually the debris needs picking up unless blown under bushes.  A broom takes arm strokes of efficiency. The operator does not have to breathe fumes.

Party voices increase with the alcohol content. Then they drive somewhere or into something.

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons that become difficult to control unless the owner takes charge.

Why do cell phone users increase their voice volume when speaking into the device?

I wonder how to bring sense and sounds of silence to a community?

What bugs you?

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