Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Flowers and Attitude

Nature teaches us outbursts of joy replenished. It takes over after wars destroy landscapes and fires darken meadows. Innate and eager, it blooms in recovery.

Summer reminds us not to dwell in negativity. We need to move beyond life’s sadness and frustrations. It just requires a twirl of focus to develop curiosity for the marvelous in green, yellows and pinks around us. Contagions of purple and blue enliven the vistas.

This attitude does not mean the constant search for happiness. Rather, a state of buoyancy carries and spreads positive energy. 

Fragilities will always surround us. Our resilience results from enthusiasm as we approach daily life. It’s a choice that soars us beyond the world’s challenges.

Jump into the exuberance of summer. Take a walk and give emotions to flowers and plants. How would you enthuse a petulent petunia? Argue with a depressed dahlia and encourage its bloom.

Rant with eagerness to turn frustration into fun.

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