Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wander in Writing

Each person becomes a wanderer again and again in the course of life, as we find our true self by becoming lost. Each person carries a “story that could be true.” Each crossroad in life secretly asks the question: Who are you really? - Michael Meade, from The Water of Life

Writing into the true self begins in wonder. Each of us has experienced a time of loss.  We became lost on a hiking trail or in our frustration with an unresolved situation. Problems arise that beg for solutions.

Often we feel lost in creativity or while on a search for discoveries.

Running along a path by the sea or during a freewriting session, a flow takes over that enables breakthroughs in thoughts. Suddenly problems evaporate into the breeze. Enlightenment and joy carry us into nuances of potential never considered.

Experience the thrill of wandering and writing into questions beyond answers.  Let the water of life lead without a destination.

Wander and become lost in a reverie of possibility.

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