Saturday, July 26, 2014

Keep a Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal at your bedside helps find ideas for your writing practice.

Record dreams for a week or two as soon as you awaken from sleep.  Notice the details and themes. Write responses.

Write or draw the symbols in your dream.

Follow a dream in present tense.

Record colors and sounds that arise.

Do animals reoccur?

Notice connections from the day's experiences that appear.

Look for the form you take in dreams. Are you an observer or participant?

Write the first response that comes to mind about each symbol you encounter in a dream.

Begin an essay or poem with a dream image.

Developed a dialogue with a dream.

Make notes of dream characters you'd like to know better.  Write to your dream characters and notice if they are different facets of yourself.

Discover your own ways of investigating dream imagery. Delve into ways to use this focus in writing.

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