Thursday, July 3, 2014

On July 4 Write About America

The survival of American democracy depends less on the size of its armies than on the capacity of its individual citizens to rely on the strength of their own thoughts.  Lewis H. Lapham

Individuals according to Andy Warhol,  ". . . have their own America, and then they have pieces of a fantasy America that they think is out there but they can't see . . . . So the fantasy corners of America, you've pieced them together from scenes in movies and music and lines from books. And you live in your dream America that you've custom-made from art and schmaltz and emotions just as much as you live in your real one."

Read other poems about America.

If you were born in America, write your perspective of the "American Dream" and how you grew up learning about it and living it.  If you arrived from another country, write your perspective as a visitor to America or how you became a citizen.

Write to celebrate America on July 4th.

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