Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Write Negative Emotions

Miriam re-read the letter, tears puddling on the envelope. She crumbled it into her fist and heaved it across the room.  Turning on the computer, she mumbled, "I'll outlast them." Miriam typed the next employer's name across the screen.

Let characters explore emotional subjects by trying them on like clothing.  Begin by giving your character a first and last name. Include a middle name or initial if it appeals. Try for a rhythm of two syllables in the first name and three in the last or vice versa:  Marion Wilson, Robert Atkinson, Henry B. Carlton.

Create a scene to reveal his or her emotional responses. Here are a few to try on: prejudice, insecurity, fear, misconception and misunderstanding, jealousy, resentment, disappointment, frustration, boredom, rejection, disillusionment.

Try on emotions by using body language, facial expressions, and dialogue.  Don't use the emotional word but develop the tension to make the reader feel it.  Write a paragraph for each. 

Bring your character to a level of emotional literacy and understanding of how to switch into a more desirable response to a negative emotion.  Let the writing help you discover personalities.

Now that you have created characters' reactions, does it help you assist with your own?

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