Saturday, May 24, 2014

Questions Spark Imagery

How do the seasons know
They must change their shirt?

Why so slowly in winter
and later with such a rapid shudder?
- Pablo Neruda

Constructing a scene with sensory details permits the writer's spirit to percolate into writing. To define emotions, an image from nature assists.  

Clouds over the sea present a beginning. From there, shapes and sizes frolic into a variety of forms.

Asking questions of the senses increases details. 

What would clouds feel like on the arms and legs when someone passes through them?  

If clouds ran along the beach which sounds would accompany them?

Which questions evoke nuances?

What do clouds reflect in a puddle? 

Do they smell like carnations and taste like a vanilla and banana milkshake? 

Will the mood change by adding chocolate?

Once the imagery floats upon the page, it provides the possibility to add layers.

By asking questions to expand the image, the writer does not have to tell the reader what to feel. 

The message resides in the details. 

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