Friday, May 16, 2014

Into the Sounds and Silence

"Silence is where you were when you first lifted your pen and listened for the words in your head.  Silence is where you are sovereign, where you write what you are drawn 
to write .  .  . " - Daphne Kalotay

How do words emerge from their captivity? In what ways do these words attract attention?

Notice words in different places. How do they arrive there? What occurs in the spaces between them? 

Make discoveries into collections and clashes of sounds.  Start with the beginnings and the ends of sounds.  Give shape to rhythm.  

Become intent on listening for distant barking, hammering, the sound of breathing, bird twitters, tweets and all steady sound.  

Pause to listen.  Write about the lack of sound.  Embark of a journey moving from the silence and back again.

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