Monday, May 5, 2014

Standing in Line

How does standing in line benefit a writer? Long lines at the favorite coffee vender or at the airport provide ways to engage the imagination and develop characters.

Look at the people standing in line and imagine them in a variety of roles. Notice body language, facial gestures and types of conversations. Observe outfits and colors.

Does that fellow who looks so distinguished have a playful life? Could the woman whose fingers fly on her cell phone be a spy? Is that three foot child really a secret agent?

Does the lady in blue play the trombone? What do the three men wearing ball caps with college insignias have planned? Watch their eye movements.

What if everyone had to spend three days together stuck in one place?  How would all these individuals react if a situation occurred that required them to assist others to safety?

Observe the ceiling to add to the stories that develop.

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