Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to Outlast a Spring Cold!

At first it looked like a garden lizard. 

When I blinked it took over my throat and added a dragon-fired cough. 

Deep from the lungs the roar cascaded. Nothing cleared as the sounds rumbled.

Snuggled under my comforter for a day should do it.  

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Fluids. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

The firestorm raged. Now the dragon flicked its red tongue lashing right and left. Headache and ear pain added to its armamentarium.

I decided exercise would de-energize the attacker. Walking my running route and breathing sea air helped. The clangs coming from the throat and lungs continued.

Back to Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

The onslaught continued into days three and four with no respite.

Day five.  This is getting old.  The dragon had given up fire to use claws and teeth at my chest and throat.  The critter even plugged my nose!

I will outlast it. Outlast. Outlast. Outlast.  
                                          Cough. Sniffle.Wheeze.

I asked the squirrels to wear Signs: Play and Fun to tease the dragon into a collaborative action with me.  Why fight?

A bee twirled its humor.  

I have the determination of a Duck!

Here, Dragon. Let your own fire go.  

Party hats for all!

Try on a mask.    Let’s dance by the light of the moon.

The dragon relented."Okay. Okay. . . but can you zumba to my fire?"

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