Friday, May 9, 2014

Texturize Your Writing

Promote zest in writing by adding elements of texture.  Explore a variety of surfaces, materials, and natural substances. Discover the nuances.

Express temperature by revealing the intensity of heat or frigid air. Walk with barefeet on grass, sand, and hot pavement. Describe the sensations. Use your fingertips to explore fabrics and flowers.

Examine roughness and silkiness in leaves and petals.  Feel the breeze on your face and eyelashes.Walk in sea spray or rain. Study pigments and dragons in shadows.

Make notes while experiencing all imaginable textures.  Create your own words to reveal texturization.

Petalize your writing while noticing whiffles and stiffles in geraniums.  Granulate and pebblicate words that sound like layers of gritiness.  Add the scents of edges and odor in roughness of stones.

Invent colors. Let light and dark swivel into sentences. Look for shapes and contours that reveal stories.

Follow a butterfly's shadow dance.

Imagine a fish having to describe finning and tailing in a stream.  Describe a bird feathering in air.

Find textures and write with the wind. A story or poem will triangulate from your discoveries.

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