Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ignite Creativity

Sparks of creativity ignite if the mind plays with shapes and patterns. Avoiding  usual associations begins the process.

When gazing at the photograph to the left, someone might see stains on the sidewalk. 

Blink and imagine an elephant learning to play a piccolo. Viewed by a head turn to the right, the elephant poses on a duck's bill. 

How these lead to story requires a pen to let the mind jump further and make connections.  

Nurture your creative side by taking a walk. Look at the hearts of flower petals and find an insect. What would you name him?  How will he advise you like Jiminy Cricket?

Do you see ballerinas warming up? 

Squint and find ideas in this fellow's band of stamens.

Who plays the middle trumpet?   

Is someone hiding to make a riddle in the rose? 

Monkey around to find the fun.

Ignite creativity each morning. 

If you start the day in wonder, a dark mood will lighten and worries will lessen. 

Sharing insights in writing and tossing ideas with a friend will affect the day's progress more than you know.

Kindle the fire.

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