Friday, May 23, 2014

Write the True Self

Sail forth - steer for the deep waters only,
Reckless O soul, exploring, 
I with thee and thee with me.
For we are bound where mariner 
has not yet dared to go,
And we will risk the ship, ourselves and all.     
                 -Walt Whitman
Do we travel away from who we really are because of the many roles we play? A few of the characters we inhabit during our life experience might include: spouse, parent, sibling, friend, employer, employee. 

As a result, our true self may stay hidden. Or, we haven't taken the time to study the authenticity of ourselves because of the myriad role responsibilities.
A writer's quest involves the process of discovering an authentic self. It takes a lifetime to explore and delve into the depths of one's inner world in writing beyond the chaos of daily life.

Take time for curiosity. Investigate beyond your mistaken identities for an inner voice.

Describe with concrete details what this voice sounds like. 
Where do you come from?
Where do you belong?

What is your contentment?

What questions do you have about the real you?
As you write into your depths of discovery, listen for a haunting voice of your true self.  What "other self" keeps you company as you dive deeper into your self-enlightenment process?

Start a dialogue and respond to it when frustrated, angry, needy and happy.  

Return to ask and answer questions.

Write about something unimaginable that might define you.

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